Short Sale & Foreclosure Victims: 6 Reasons You Can Buy Again

A Short Sale or a Foreclosure is most definitely not something anyone wishes upon them self or their loved ones. But, if you happen to be one of the many Americans who unfortunately experienced a Short Sale or Foreclosure, The Family Mortgage Team of Atlanta has good news for you! Listed below and in our infographic you’ll see Six Reasons Past Short Sale Sellers can (and should) Buy Again…soon.

1. Waiting periods to buy again after a Short Sale are shorter than you think.

2. Your credit can improve A LOT faster than you think!

3. Required down payments can be surprisingly LOW

4. Home prices are still very attractive

5. Interest rates are also still attractively low

6. The Family Mortgage Team of Atlanta are pros at getting you back in your home!

6 Reasons Short Sale Victims should buy again

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