Selling a House? 10 Things Home Buyers Look For

Previously we’ve mentioned how great today’s rates are compared to the past and we’ve broken down the cost of waiting to buy. But, what about selling a house? Maybe it’s time to move-up and buy for a growing family, or maybe you’re now empty nesters and it’s time to sell and move to a new location, or maybe you’re in a better financial position from when you bought your first home and now you’re ready for the home of your dreams. Whatever your situation, selling a house can be tricky.

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In our infographic below, we’ve listed the Top Ten Things Home Buyers Look For. And while the home you’re trying to sell may not meet all of these home buyer expectations, making yourself aware of these items and having an Agent who can help buyers visualize the home’s potential can certainly put you at better odds of selling quickly!

Top 10 Things Home Buyers Look For

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1. Quality of Neighborhood

2. Convenience to Job– Home close to work enhances life balance

3. Overall Affordability– TOTAL COST…mortgage, taxes, Insurance, Dues, Maintenance, and Repairs

4. Quality of Schools– 45% of buyers are willing to pay a premium for quality schools

5. Homes That Will Suit the Buyer’s need for the Next 15 Years– Buyers want a home that can support lifestyles as they evolve through that time period

6. Mortgage– Getting a mortgage today can be a challenge. Working with a Mortgage Professional can reduce stress

7. Energy Efficiency 94% of potential home buyers are concerned about energy efficient homes including- windows, doors, insulation, appliances, and fans

8. Open Floor Plans– Open spaces are great for entertaining friends and family

9. Technology– Run your home from a cell phone. Millennials prize homes with technological amenities.

10. High Ceilings– Aesthetically pleasing, promote greater circulation and more natural light