Loan Payments & Servicing Info

Mortgage Payment FAQs

Many of your questions regarding payments and loan servicing related information can be answered by visiting our Servicing Dept. website at:


If your loan is newly originated, you can review your loan information using the link below:

LeaderOne takes all first payments unless letters you receive tell you to make a payment to your next Servicer. Please pay attention to your payment due dates on your letters and who to pay.

  1. You can pay conveniently online at: https://leaderone.myloaninfo.com/
    • Register your account using your newest loan number.

*Rest assured that if LeaderOne receives a payment that should have gone to a different servicer, we will automatically forward that payment to your new Servicer.*

2. You may also mail a payment via check or money order to:

LeaderOne Financial Corporation
Attn: Servicing
7500 College Blvd. Suite 1150
Overland Park, KS 66210

*Please add your loan number to the memo field of your check or money order.*

3. You can also pay by phone using an E-Check and by calling our Servicing Dept. directly: 855-320-9160

**If your loan has been transferred to another servicer, please contact the LeaderOne Servicing Dept. for loan/payment details:

LeaderOne Financial Corporation
Servicing Dept.
(855) 320-9160
7500 College Blvd. Suite 1150
Overland Park, KS 66210
Mon- Fri 9-6 EST

You can also visit our Servicing Center Online at:


No, mortgage payments must be paid by check or money order if paying by mail. *Please make sure to include your loan number on your payment.

If paying by phone, you may use an E-Check to make your first payment.

Statements are mailed out on the 16th of every month.

As long as you are current on your payments, you can pay additional principal to your loan at ANY time with no penalty. By making principal payments on your loan, you shorten the overall term of your loan and pay less interest even on a fixed rate loan!

  1. If you experience damage to your home, the first step is to report the loss to your insurance company and file a claim.

  2. Once you have filed your claim, please click here for important information, including how we will handle your claim, forms, and our contact information. For questions regarding the processing of insurance claim proceeds, please contact our Loss Draft representatives at 877-592-0192.

  3. Due to the disaster, you may be eligible for a temporary forbearance plan. This option may reduce or suspend your mortgage payment for a specific period of time to allow you to recover from this hardship. To discuss the payment assistance options available to you, please contact our Loss Mitigation specialists at 866-397-5370. A specialist will work with you to discuss your individual circumstances and options.

    You can register online to apply for hardship assistance.

While serviced at LeaderOne Financial (Kansas):

LeaderOne Financial Corporation ISAOA/ATIMA
7500 College Blvd Suite 1150 Overland Park, KS 66210