Is my credit good enough to purchase a home?

Credit challenges often prevent folks from even considering home-ownership. This is a mistake. Even in the worst credit situations, you have to have a starting point. Once we have a loan application and pull a copy of your credit, we can make a quick determination if it’s possible to get you a loan and under what terms (what size down payment, if any, and at what interest rate.)

If we determine that a loan is not possible at this time, or the terms are too cumbersome, we will offer to sit down with you and create a date-specific plan. In this meeting, we will provide you with a credit profile and very specific recommendations to repair your credit. We will then check back periodically to assist you along the way to the end goal of purchasing that home you’ve been dreaming of! (You may need to adjust your initial “wants” into a more realistic “must have” list. In other words, you may need to be flexible.)