How We Secure Your Private Information

Our Commitment To Technology, Security, And Document Management

Guiding Principles

At Leader One Financial andThe Family Mortgage Team, technology is at the heart of our efficient, secure, and customer-focused processes. We believe we provide our best customer service by having fast, intelligent computer systems and software at the fingertips of our team. We believe that the information you share with us is ours to protect. We believe that we should store that information in the most efficient formats possible so it can be secured from prying eyes yet retrieved when needed during our processing. And we believe that when your information is no longer needed for processing or regulatory needs, it should be expunged from our storage and disposed of securely.

System Overview

Because of these beliefs we have time and time again pursued and implemented the best solutions available for our technology environment. In the past this involved local servers, backup tapes, and complex systems to monitor switches and routers. While some firms may still be using those methods, we have sought out and invested in new solutions that remove the failure points and mitigate the attack risks. Today our system involves leveraging the latest in document imaging, cloud-base technologies, multiple layers of security, and comprehensive paper-handling processes.

Implemented Technologies

Utilizing state-of-the-art Internet cloud storage and military-grade encryption, our filing system insures that your private information is being properly managed. Your data is not laying out on someone’s desk or stacked in pile to be placed in a filing cabinet. Every piece of information is tagged, scanned or entered, and placed in our private cloud storage where it is both monitored for corruption and able to be retrieved by us at a moment’s notice. This cloud storage has the added benefit of redundancy. There is no single server or hard drive on which your file resides. Instead, there are dozens of data centers to which your encrypted data is copied in real-time with every update we make. This insures that our access to your files is available when needed and not subject to loss due to a natural disaster, terrorist attack, or equipment failure.

Our local workstations store only the software and information needed for the tasks at hand. We maintain no servers at our office, thus greatly reducing the interest a hacker might have in attempting to find and steal data. Of course we maintain a high vigil with modern routers, switches, anti-virus, and anti-malware monitoring systems. But the core principle on which our system operates is the concept of minimizing exposure both by using walled systems and by reducing the quantity of data stored on any one system at our site. Information is even restricted to only those employees who have a specific business purpose in utilizing your data.

With all this in mind, it is easy to see how The Family Mortgage Team meets, and often exceeds, all the electronic standards set forth by the United States Government and the State of Georgia.

Document Destruction/Deletion

When the time comes for your information to be removed, we continue our commitment to intelligent, comprehensive data management. For digital documents we completely expunge the data, scanned documents, and other files through the use of secure file deletion tools in our cloud environment. For physical documentation, The Family Mortgage Team utilizes the services of Shred – X Document Destruction. Each member of our team is trained to properly dispose of any paperwork received or generated by this office. Locked document disposal bins are placed throughout our offices. The contents of these bins are shredded by Shred – X onsite every two weeks.