First Time Homebuyers Golden Opportunity

This spring has been an exceedingly vibrant market in metro Atlanta for housing. Inventory levels are up 12% from this time last year. This is providing buyers more options to look at although it is still very competitive. The difference this year is that deals are happening at a faster clip than a year ago. Buyers seem to be having more success this year getting their offers accepted. Part of this is that our clients are taking the time to prepare and execute a game plan. We work closely with your agent to make sure we are all on the same page and then work to execute that plan for you. You still need to move fast to secure the perfect place and our goal is to make sure you are properly positioned to pounce.

Home values are continuing to increase but at a more sustainable pace – predictions for 2019 are in the 3-4% range. This means that homes are still very affordable relative to renting. The other bonanza which is key to the affordability equation is low interest rates. In May rates dropped to the lowest levels in two years. Visit our new website www.perfectpreapproval.com to learn more about our Certified Homebuyer process which is the ideal starting point for buying a home. We have great tools to share with anyone on the fence about whether to buy or continue renting (rent vs own calculators) and the cost of waiting to buy (see the real financial advantages). And if you need a recommendation to some real pro Realtors, let us know. I can’t think of a better time to buy.

Happy House Hunting!!