In the middle of June, I was able to climb 4 mountains in 4 days with a friend of mine, John Dameron from here in Atlanta. These peaks were located down near Telluride, CO in the southwest part of the State and 3 of them were part of what is called the Wilson Group. In fact, Wilson Peak which we climbed the first day, is best known for being the mountain that graces the Coors beer can.

That brought my total climbed up to 49 out of 57, so 8 remain. Three out of the four were quite difficult so we hired guides, which ended up being a good call. The last one required ropes at the top because of some rather serious exposure, coupled with some snow and ice…not a good combination! But even though we had some gnarly terrain to cross.. we made it up and down in one piece, and then celebrated the rest of the week at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival!

My next trek is back to Silverton, Colorado… Ryan Hardage will be joining me and I’ll post more then. My goal is to get 3 more this year, which would leave 5 for 2013.