Certified Homebuyer Pre-Approval

In today’s lending environment, getting pre-qualified just isn’t enough and basic pre-approvals come with no guarantees. Before you even contact a real estate agent, you should strongly consider getting pre-approved with a Certified HomeBuyer designation, which is only offered by The Family Mortgage Team at Leader One Financial.

Loan Facts:

Our Guarantee

Our Certified HomeBuyer Pre-Approval Letter is the strongest in the industry. We verify all of your income, assets, credit, etc., upfront, making your new Mortgage GUARANTEED. No more deals falling through and no more frustration on trying to get your offers accepted. At Family Mortgage, we’re so confident of our Certified Pre-Approval, that if yours doesn’t hold up, we’ll pay the seller $5,000. That will get a seller’s attention.

Our Advantage

With a Pre-Approval from The Family Mortgage Team, you can rest assured you’re capable of closing on the loan quickly and efficiently. You will not be wasting your time looking for a house you can’t qualify for. Times have changed and even if you are strong financially, it pays to know everything is OK on the front end. We can also ensure that your application will be fast, customized, and at no additional cost to you.

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