The Benefits of Getting a Pre-Approval

Faster closing times, stronger purchasing power, and  greater loan flexibility are just a few of the ways getting pre-approved puts you at an advantage prior to ever even looking at a home. Often times when home buyers decide they’re ready to buy, the first person they contact is a Realtor. However, not only does speaking with a Lender prior to looking at houses give you and your Realtor a better idea of what you can actually afford, you also put yourself ahead of the game! Previously, we have discussed the 3 Types of Approvals. And we’ve showed you how the Pre-Approval Process works. So now, let us share with you exactly how buyers benefit from getting a pre-approval.


It’s never too early in the home buying process to contact a lender….even if you’re not planning to for buy months or even years down the road. If you’re interested in learning more about our Certified HomeBuyer Pre-Approval Program, feel free to Contact Us to chat with one of our Mortgage Consultants. Or…if you’re ready to go ahead and get started on your pre-approval application today, Click HERE!

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