Long-Term Planning

The art of homeownership

Long-term Planning

When you partner with The Family Mortgage Team, our service doesn’t end when your transaction closes. We’re your long-term mortgage partners dedicated to helping you build wealth through real estate.

Our long-term planning is based on what we call The Art of Homeownership, a program geared towards getting you to a debt-free retirement so you can enjoy where you are now, without worrying about the future. Here’s how the program works:

Monthly Wealth Digest Report

Our Monthly Wealth Digest Report is an interactive financial dashboard designed to empower you to build wealth with your greatest financial asset – your home.

It can be really hard to fully understand your wealth, in relation to your real estate, because it’s always changing. Now with our Wealth Digest Report, not only will you be able to fully understand this every month, but it will be the most accurate valuation and accounting of your equity that you can access. You’ll get information on savings possibilities, if it makes sense to pay your home down faster, if you wanted to rent your home or a room on AirBNB, if you wanted to buy an investment property or move up to a larger home. This monthly digest will become your new favorite report to read each month because it’s uniquely tailored to you and it changes over time.

We believe that you shouldn’t ever have to guess the value of your home, and what that means to you and your family. We are excited to help you better track and build your real estate wealth! 

Home Concierge Program

Don’t be a reactive homeowner who only fixes things when they break. Our Home Concierge Program will help you own your home at a higher level by proactively addressing concerns rather than reacting to issues as they come up, keeping your house in amazing condition throughout the years.

You will now have a new best friend in homeownership! Imagine having a Home Concierge at your beck and call, your home projects taken care of with one phone call or click, service reminders to stay on top of maintenance, and all your home’s information at your fingertips. The art of homeownership, at its core, helps you care for you home so that it will take care of you. That’s why we provide homeowners the following concierge services:

  • A professional 300 point home inspection (to identify your specific home maintenance needs)
  • Tips and reminders on home care (based on the inspection)
  • A concierge to expertly source home-related services

Annual Financial Review

Be sure that you are making the best decisions for your family by planning for the future and getting continual advice and guidance on how to navigate your real estate and finances.

The Financial Review & Equity Analysis marks the beginning of a beautiful partnership. Our team will gather the information needed to learn more about your family, your current situation and your short and long term goals with real estate and finance.

Based on our assessment we’ll generate a personalized and holistic plan for you, so you can be confident in any decisions you make. We will then follow up with you each year to help ensure you achieve your goals. The Equity Analysis focuses on 5 key areas:

  • Protection
  • Financial Planning
  • Generational Wealth
  • Real Estate Planning
  • Credit & Debt Management
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Perfect Mortgage Promise

Who does the average homeowner call to get their questions answered? Unfortunately, the answer is no one, because most people they would call are sales people. This is where our team is unique.

Our team is unique because we have pledged to give completely unbiased and fair advice, regardless of the outcome. This is why our clients love working with us, because they come to us with all of these questions, knowing that the answers they get are going to be in THEIR best interest, NOT OURS.

We combine our knowledge of the current housing market, interest rates, and your financial status to make sure you always have a loan that makes the most sense for your family. We will proactively reach out to you to make money-saving recommendations as soon as opportunities become available. Our commitment to you is to help you Master the Art of Homeownership and ensuring that you are always in the perfect mortgage, with the perfect mortgage plan, is a major part of this. We’re excited to take all of this off of your plate!

Maximize Wealth Through Real Estate

Smart real estate owners are making sure that they are getting every bit of value out of their properties, and we want to ensure you’re doing the same.

Our team will make sure that you know all of the benefits of adding space to your home or converting existing areas of your real estate into living quarters. If we decide that it may be a beneficial aspect of your overall plan, we will introduce you to our trusted team of professionals to help you navigate the regulations, conduct site visits, maximize tax deductions and connect you to expert architects and general contractors to make your project happen.

Take full advantage of the real estate you already own and ensure that you’re maximizing the potential of your property.

Start tracking your real estate wealth today.

Master the Art of Homeownership

Reach out to learn how we can help you and your entire family grow your wealth, make smart decisions, and save money.