Company Story

Home is where our story begins….

From classic humble beginnings, Family Mortgage of Georgia was born in my basement in the late 90s. With a background and knowledge base in real estate and a doggedly determined work ethic inherited from my father, I set out to achieve my own version of “The American Dream”…a business of my own. I had no previous experience working in a typical mortgage company and expected that would be a detriment. In retrospect, it became my biggest advantage because, frankly, I never got into bad habits or learned the “wrong” way to do things. It probably explains better than anything the unusual approach we take to operating our business.

In those early days, we did all our initial meetings and took applications in people’s homes – in living rooms or right at the kitchen table. And though time demands and yes, success, have forced us to move on from that approach, we never venture far from our roots.

As our company grows, we continue to rely on the wise and enduring lessons I learned from trusted professionals throughout my life: “Take the time to ask questions and listen carefully…Make the process simple… Add value by always giving more than you ever expect in return.”

Incorporating that advice into my business, I learned how to use a home mortgage to improve a family’s financial situation. But I soon realized that it was about far more than just a home loan, more than even helping a family build a healthy financial foundation. It was about being there for people as their needs, circumstances and fortunes change. It was about cultivating lifetime relationships…For when that family decides to downsize their home, tap their equity for college costs or a new business or buy a vacation property, they’ll return to those they trust. Those who have done right by them in the past. Those who’ve proven to have their best interests at heart.

With these guiding principles in mind, we have created a mortgage company unlike any other. By sharing our knowledge and expertise, streamlining and systemizing our work processes, and above all, keeping it simple, we help our customers, strategic partners and employees to reach new levels of accomplishment and purpose. Our mission is simple: to be the company you can trust to help you find “The Easy Way Home”…

Vice President of Production